Jesper Munk

Darling Colour 

Darling Colour, with its origins in a collection of bedroom recordings, sees Jesper Munk returning to the casual immediacy of his roots as a busker and frequenter of Kneiper jam sessions. Simpler, spontaneous and off the cuff arrangements echo the accessibility of his earlier works, but now find themselves married with the songwriting maturity and taste for experimentation of more recent material. 

Featuring five new songs that span the full range of Jesper's stylistic diversity, fans will find familiarity in tour favourite Why Worry, rabid intensity in the punk-infused Fishing Hook and 1950's inspired nostalgia in Bad Magic.  The pictrues stamps from a performance of "Das Gegenteil", painted by Madeiline White.

The release will be published via independent label Impression Recordings.


Darling Colour